Wild Fig Café

Wild Fig Café

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    Wild Fig Café
  2. Client Representative Perkins Builders
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    Norman Disney & Young

The Wild Fig Cafe is a boutique high quality café located in the beach side suburb of Swanbourne in Western Australia, The Kitchen and Kiosk areas are served by an evaporative air conditioning system which includes  :

The evaporative unit is located in the roof plant room, above the kiosk, with duct work and electrics run back into the kitchen roof space. Supply air is distributed to the occupied space via the low pressure ductwork distribution system to the ceiling and wall mounted diffusion.

Relief air is via the exhaust fan and the many doors and windows that extend around the length of the building.

The unit draws in ‘fresh’ air from outside to maintain and replenish the outside air content within the kitchen space.

The evaporative unit is also fitted with a VSD (Variable Speed Drive); this enables the system to be controlled in conjunction with the exhaust system.