Joondalup Police Complex

Joondalup Police Complex

  1. Client
    West Australian Government / West Australian Police Force
  2. Client Representative 
    Badge Constructions (WA) Pty Ltd
  3. Consultant 
    DSA Pty Ltd

Joondalup Police Complex is a state of the art, 24/7 northern hub police complex located in the suburb of Joondalup in Western Australia.  The mechanical services component for this project is a combination of Daikin cassette and ducted fan coil units used to serve the many operational areas of the complex.

These fan coil units are served by Daikin Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) condensing units.

The fan coil units are located in the ceiling space with the corresponding condenser units located on the rooftop plant deck.

The systems operation runs on a time schedule that will automatically start and stop individual equipment as required to suit the occupants of the building. Operation will switch between cool, fan and heat to maintain the desired temperature and to minimize running costs and general wear to the equipment.

All of the units are controlled by the “Daikin I Manager” control system.