IKEA Super Store


  1. Client 
    Lex Group Pty Ltd
  2. Client Representative 
    Multiplex Constructions
  3. Consultant 
    Geoff Hesford Engineering

This very exciting project encompasses some 30,000 square metres of Retail, Restaurants and distribution areas under one roof. The project is of special significance as it shows a commitment by IKEA to the expected retail sales growth of Western Australia in the coming years.

The Mechanical Services Key Points of Interest for this project are as follows:


High Energy Efficient “Thermal Storage” System providing some one million liters of water housed in a Thermal Storage Tank which then is charged on “Off Peak” power via High Efficiency Variable Speed Drive Water Cooled Chillers.

Air Side

Multiple Air Handling and Fan Coil systems within the envelope of the building.


The Building is controlled by a fully Integrated Building Management System.


Additionally there are Mechanical Ventilation Systems serving the Kitchens, Common areas, Toilets and Designated Controlled areas.

West Australian Mechanical Services were awarded the ‘Subcontractor of the Year for the Services Division’ for 2009, then awarded the ‘Overall Subcontractor of the Year for West Australia’ and finally were awarded the ‘2009 National Subcontractor of the Year’ for this project.