Bunbury Library & Smart Building

Bunbury Library & Smart Building
Bunbury, WA

  1. Client 
    City Of Bunbury
  2. Client Representative 
  3. Consultant 
    Hesford Engineering

The Bunbury Library and Smart Building is a start of the art facility for the community of Bunbury and the surrounding areas.

The building consists of the Library, Commercial Tenancies, Data Hub and under cover parking.

The Mechanical Services component of this complex consists of Chilled & Heated Water Central Plant, various exhaust and ventilation systems and dedicated Data / computer room air-conditioning.

A new air cooled chiller is located in the plant area adjacent to the lower ground car park. The chiller is well concealed and acoustically treated.

Multiple air handling units and fan coil units located throughout the building maintain the conditions within the occupied space.

The air conditioning and ventilation systems are automatically controlled via DDC (Direct Digital Control) System ensuring the optimum efficiency of the mechanical services is maintained at all times.